Finland has been a key player in the mobile phone industry since the very beginning. The country has a large number of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and highly skilled individuals and was the birthplace of Nokia, a key driver of the past and future development of the smart phone within the country and throughout the world.

Turing decided to build a base in Finland in early 2015. The company established a number of contacts with design companies as well with research institutions. In 2015 Microsoft approached Turing with a cooperation proposal and Turing agreed to take over ex-Nokia’s pre-production facility including laboratory and all manufacturing and test equipment. With all the history and contacts associated with the 50,000 sq. ft. facility, Turing was able to build a strong professional network within the Finland mobile technology space.

After a few years of ownership of the production site, Turing decided to concentrate its R&D and new technology development in Finland. Turing’s network in Finland includes professionals from many different mobile technology fields: 5G development programs , IoT software and hardware, Camera, Video, 3D, Acoustics, Radio, Antenna, Wearable devices, VR and screen solutions, Flexible screen technology and Nanocoating.

Turing’s R&D center is planned and will be established in several key mobile technology locations within Finland. The team and its partners will take the integration of new technologies to the next level by providing unique mobile possibilities previously available only for heavy industrial computers. The Turing Finland team will focus on building a unique mobile platform giving them ultimate computing power to combine and analyze all possible available data for each of the following applications: Virtual and Augmented reality, Live 6K video editing and broadcasting, and enrichment of personal level data from many sources.

Finland is an optimal mobile R&D location, not only for its vast availability of high-tech professionals in many mobile phone component technologies, but as a physical location and good connection between the West and East. The country’s unique position and excellent relationships to all key countries in the mobile technology space gives Turing’s R&D team unlimited opportunity to join all key development programs in the EU, Russia and China.